Concentrated Solar Power

What is Micro CSP

Micro CSP stands for Micro Concentrated Solar Power. It refers to a type of solar power technology that utilizes concentrating solar thermal collectors on a smaller scale compared to traditional large-scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants.

Concentrated Solar Power systems use mirrors or lenses to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver, which then converts the solar energy into heat. This heat can be used to generate electricity through a steam turbine or other thermal conversion processes.

How does it work?

  • Concentrated Solar Power

    Uses mirrors or lenses to concentrate sunlight.

  • Micro CSP Configuration

    Smaller-scale CSP systems for distributed energy generation.

  • Heat Collection

    Sunlight is concentrated onto a receiver to generate heat.

  • Heat Transfer and Storage

    Heat is carried by a fluid and stored for later use.

  • Power Generation

    Stored heat is used to generate electricity for local or grid distribution.

  • Micro CSP systems offer flexibility and cost advantages for decentralized energy production in resource-constrained areas.