Bio Microbes


In agriculture, reliance on chemicals and fertilisers harms farmworkers and consumers. Additionally, soil pollution and habitat destruction necessitate increasing amounts of chemicals and fertilisers each year, leading to soaring costs and unaffordability for many African farmers. To combat this, we introduce bio-microbes – a proven, long-term solution with successful field results across different crops and countries worldwide. By incorporating bio-microbes into farming practices, farmers can benefit from higher yields, reduced or eliminated need for fertilisers and chemicals, and the restoration of soil conditions, resulting in naturally resilient crops free from harmful substances.

We are in the process of assembling patented technology in various African countries to make the continent self-sustaining in its food needs. This endeavour will reduce or eliminate food imports, retaining vital resources within the local economy.

The Problem

Fertilizer shortage exacerbated by Ukraine war threatens global food supply.

We are facing a global food crisis.

Fertilizer Price Soars

Fertilizer prices climb to a fresh record as sales from Russia (one of the world's top producers) are disrupted, and super-expensive natural gas in Europe curtails output. The chart below is New Orleans urea price fro 1977 to date.

The Solution

Our microbes can reduce and replace chemical fertilizers even at pre-war and pre-pandemic prices to secure global supply chain!